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The 5 benefits of flat-sharing

The 5 benefits of flat-sharing

The different types of flat sharing

Living with other people can bring many benefits.

The benefits are both practical and material, but above all they allow you to gain in skills and personal development and help you to improve yourself. It’s for this last reason that we at Butrfly are so committed to this way of life.

Our mission at Butrfly is to help people grow by discovering themselves and the world, and the greatest benefit of living with new people is to grow.

The benefits of flat-sharing

Here are 5 reasons why living together can be beneficial:

1. Sharing household chores: when you live together, you can share household chores with the other members of the household, which can reduce the workload for everyone. This can also help you to manage your time better and concentrate on other important activities.

2. Financial savings: living with other people can also help you reduce your expenses. You can share rent, electricity, gas, water and other costs, which can save you money on other important expenses.

3. Social support: living together can also provide important social support. You can share experiences with others, get different advice and opinions, and even find lifelong friends.

4. Broadening your horizons: living with other people can also help you broaden your horizons and learn about new cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking. This can give you a better understanding of the world around you and make you more tolerant and open-minded.

5. Development of social skills: by living together, you will learn to communicate better, resolve conflicts, collaborate and negotiate with others. These social skills can be very useful in many areas of life, whether at work, in your personal life or in your interpersonal relationships.

In short, living together can offer many benefits, including sharing tasks, financial savings, social support, broadening horizons and developing social skills. Whether you’re a student, a young worker or retired, living with someone can be a great way to improve your quality of life.

At Butrfly we offer you a range of solutions for living together:

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