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Renting a room in a local home

Rent with peace of mind in a shared flat

Rent with peace of mind in a shared flat
and help a young person get started


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Immersive exotic environment

By this project, you will spend time with a local family, and enjoy the fullest culture shock.

The best immersive experience allow you to be apart of the culture, also explore the real local life and exotic experience. International is not a slogan for you anymore. You are a part of the french family, you are becoming a local now!

Finding the right accommodation for your projects

You are under 30 and you are




Young employee

Pocket-friendly option

To find a perfect condition of apartment, either you pay more to live in city center, or pay cheap price but horrible quality.

By this project, you have no worry about the cost and quality. What you pay, is not only your rent, also multi-benefits are included, dinner with host family, no utility expense, live in a great quality accommodation.

An enriching experience in complete safety

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Ceased trouble with French administrations

French administration efficiency is one of the well known of France in the world. For instance, one of our member, he waited 10 months to get his CAF, so we understand how suffer it can be.

But by stay with host family, they can help you to address all french documentations, no more worry during your stay.

Rocket your International career

Every host family chooses Au Pair Butrfly that has a high SES (social-economic status) in France. The parents are elite in their industry field. Build a good relationship with them can definitely acquire aids to your international career.

In another hand, the parent’s professional network can be used by you as well. This advantage will give you a boarder choices for your future career.

Soft skills and communication ability improvement

99% of exchange student experiences are meeting people with same age.

What differentiates you with others is this project allows you to approach other age range of foreigners, hence you can have better improve your soft skills and communication ability than other people.