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The french leading Au Pair agency for international families

Butrfly is the leading Au Pair agency for the Au Pair program in France

Au Pair Butrfly,

The au pair agency that accompanies you every step of the way

We have been facilitating human adventures for you since 2019. The au pair programme makes families’ daily lives easier and helps students.

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Enjoy an enriching experience with complete peace of mind

Thomas J
November 17, 2022
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After looking for an agency and participated to an Au Pair BUTRFLY webinar, we subscribed to the Premium formula. The Au Pair BUTRFLY team is really nice and is fully dedicated to the families AND to the Au Pair (candidates and recruited). The experience for the recruitment process was very good. Considering our context (blended family with joint custody), the agency offered many alternatives and responded very well to our specific requirements, our incessant questions, and tight timeline. After the recruitment process, the preparation of our Au Pair's arrival was just as good and followed, and they are still following our family and our Au Pair. We don't regret choosing BUTRFLY Au Pair at all, and we will continue to work with this agency as long as we need an au pair for our family.
Lena K
December 18, 2023
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I am very grateful for the support the butrfly team has provided for the search of a perfect host family for me! Great personal connection with the agency and families and always nice communication 🙂
Caroline B
November 10, 2023
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Professional, responsive and pleasant support. We've hired several au pairs in the past, but now I only use Butrfly because it's very reassuring for everyone.
Deborah K
November 12, 2023
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I have a re-match and the company helped me well at every point , things got really challenging and I received all the information and help for the company
Marilyn K
September 13, 2023
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Perfect made-to-measure support! A big thank you to the Butrfly team and particularly to our contact person who immediately understood our request and was able to answer our questions proactively. We're now looking forward to meeting our au pair, who is so well looked after and relaxed about her arrival.
Symone S
October 6, 2023
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Maria is so sweet and extremely helpful! I love her input, the initiative she has taken to make sure we are heard and connecting through group calls, communication and just her general demeanour is so deeply touching


Offer a real customer support service, with human values

The site and our team organise high-quality relationships to make your project successful.

Au Pair Butrfly, agence au pair


The Au Pair Program

The au pair exchange program allows 18-30 year olds to live with a family.

In exchange for 25 to 30 hours of childcare, the au pairs are housed, fed and paid. They become part of the household’s daily life, supporting the parents.

In their free time, the young au pairs study, learn a language or work on their professional projects

A cultural and linguistic exchange

The advantages of being an au pair family

For a host family, to hire an au pair is the solution to finding a balance between your career and your family life. This type of child care provides you with daily support. The au pair is a reference for your children, like a big sister or brother. It is easier for you to manage your environment when the au pair lives in your home.

The advantages of being a young au pair

Living as an au pair in France or internationally is the most economical way to experience an immersive trip: you are fed, housed and paid! It’s a way for you to be a student and live abroad without financial risk. It will look great on your CV, allowing you to gain experience with children, learn a foreign language and discover another culture. Being hosted by a family provides you with comfort and safety. You will make rapid progress, while creating strong bonds.


How to become an au pair or a host family

Butrfly is a service that helps you find an au pair or French host family. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to search through our different profiles independently or to be accompanied by our team.

To do so, please register on our website.


Become an au pair or host family with BUTRFLY


Create your profile for free
and complete your profile 100%


Choose your package from our support service


Connect with
the profiles that interest you


Confirm the « match »

by accepting the family or au pair you choose


Start the experience!
and repeat

Un recrutement personnalisé

  • Des au pairs de nationalités variées éligibles au programme
  • Des profils certifiés par notre équipe garantissant leurs expériences avec les enfants
  • Un pré-recrutement sur-mesure adapté aux besoins de nos Familles Premium

Une intégration sans stress

  • Une mise à disposition de nombreuses sources d’informations gratuites 
  • Une disponibilité de nos équipes pour vous aider
  • Un accompagnement administratif et organisationnel pour nos Familles Premium

Un soutien pendant votre expérience

  • Des conseils par notre équipe qualifiée et notre communauté de familles Butrfly
  • Des séances de coaching privées auxquelles souscrire
  • Un suivi mensuel et une médiation personnalisée dédiée à nos Familles Premium.

« since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better » — simon raven


At Au Pair BUTRFLY, we live the au pair program every day

Our team is made up of experts in the field of au pairing and living abroad. Butrfly is composed of French host families, former au pairs or former French expats who have left for the four corners of the globe.

Thanks to our experience, we know how to best accompany you in your project to host an au pair (male or female), or to go abroad. We understand your needs and take the time to answer all your questions.

An au pair stay is a unique and incredible experience for both host families and young people, based on trust and cultural exchange. After all the meaning of ‘au pair’ is ‘on equal terms’, so it is a two-way exchange.

« Au pair » means « on equal terms »

so it is a reciprocal exchange.

We think that a successful au pair experience is based on our key principles : sharing, caring, communication and openness.

The Butrfly Blog

Answers, advice, testimonials and articles written by our team to help you learn all about how to be an au pair, how to get an au pair or how to find a French host family.

Discover our team : A host family for 7 years, former au pair, former international students, former expats, partners and au pairs. 

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