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Butrfly is a digital agency that puts French families in touch with young au pairs who want to come to France.

Our aim is to provide a unique experience for both Au Pairs and families in a climate of trust.

Our values are caring, positive education, openness to others and sharing.

Our credo: A simpler everyday life, a richer life, a more open world.

Because these values are at the heart of our company and drive us every day, we want to make sure that all the families and au pairs who join BUTRFLY share our commitment.

Adherence to our moral charter is therefore an integral part of our contracts.

Our moral charter is based on the following points:


1. A dual cultural exchange

The au pair stay offers young people of all nationalities the opportunity to live abroad for a time. The aim of the au pair stay is a two-way cultural exchange: the young au pair brings with him/her a new culture, a foreign language and thus an opening onto the rest of the world.


2. The notion of family

Considered as a family member in their own right, young au pairs stay with their host family and provide them with day-to-day support.

The host family receives the young au pair for a period of time and considers him or her to be their eldest son or daughter in their own right.


3. The au pair: a support for the family, not an employee

A young au pair supports the host family in looking after the children.

They also help with light housework. Host families cannot expect the young au pair to have training related to early childhood and therefore be able to offer professional childcare.


4. Respect for the au pair’s rights

Even if the au pair falls ill, he/she is entitled to his/her full pocket money.

Seeing friends, discovering another region: the young au pair also needs time for this. They must therefore have one free day a week, including at least one Sunday a month. Public holidays in the host country are also public holidays for the au pair.


5. Respect for families

The host family is a real 2nd family, opening their home and their heart to you for a few months. It is therefore important to respect their habits and rhythm of life, as well as their private life.

Transparency is key to building a relationship of trust with the au pair family: the au pair undertakes not to give any false information in their profile (experience, non-smoker, driving licence ….).

Au Pairs must respect the family’s timetable and must be able to provide support during their working hours.

As part of their mission, Au pairs agree not to publish photos of their children, family or environment (accommodation….) on social networks. If they wish to distribute this type of photo, a request for authorisation of image rights must be made to the parents.


6. Working hours

With regard to working hours, both parties are expected to be flexible. It may happen that the young au pair is required to look after the children a little longer than planned; in exchange, he/she will receive additional free time or financial compensation.


7. An organised and caring framework for drawing up the contract.

The families and the au pairs are committed to drawing up a joint contract clearly defining all the tasks that will be assigned to the au pair, as well as the important aspects of the stay (holiday period / agreement on French lessons, etc.).

The contract signed by the 2 parties expresses their agreement on all these points.

All these points must be clarified before the arrival of the young au pair. If a family or a young person is not sure what to agree, we advise them to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. For example, what would you want for your own child if he or she were to become an au pair? Host families who are used to welcoming young au pairs also know that it’s only when the young au pair is satisfied that the children of the host family will be happy.