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Services and fees for au pairs

Create your profile for free and find all our support packages (optional).

Become an au pair with Butrfly

Here are our packages to live the au pair experience. Find the price and details of our packages by clicking on them.

In autonomy


✔ Unlimited access to Membership families

Powered search

Certified profile

✔ Boost your family search quickly

Turn key


✔ VIP access to our secure Premium Families

Top 3 reasons to be an au pair with Butrfly :

If our au pairs love us, it’s for the right reasons!

1. Live an experience in complete confidence: you have direct contact with our Au pair manager, selected and verified Premium families, a secure internal messaging system, monthly follow-up, etc. In short, you leave with complete peace of mind.

2. A springboard for your international career: Butrfly is more than a brand, it’s a rocket for your future. We orient your « match » by criteria and interests, we offer an ambassador training program, you will join a global network and community, language courses, coaching sessions,…

3. A huge resource of information and real personalized support: we get to know you! Free webinars, blog posts, take over instagram, certification,… everything is set up so that you have the best experience possible, without the hassle.


Create a profile and complete it 100% with your information. That’s it, you are registered for free on our platform! You can write to the families who have paid a subscription with us.

What can you do for free?

Find your family in a safe and efficient way.

Unlimited access to Membership families

On, you can contact the membership families and they have access to your profile.

Secure Messaging and Cloud

Chat unlimited and upload your documents on our secure platform for more confidence.

The Certified Profile

The certification interview is done in video. It helps us to understand your project, to evaluate your aptitudes to be an au pair and your motivations.

In any case, you will receive advice to help you in your search.

……………………………………………………………………. 49€/month

No guarantee of obtaining

Why take the certification interview?

To find your perfect family


Reassures families

A certified profile reassures Membership and Premium families because it offers them the guarantee that our team has 'validated' it.

Highlight your profile

Butrfly ratings and the displayed label help to highlight your profile and speed up your search.

Find a Premium Family

Based on your criteria, we select Premium* families that are a perfect match for you.

*Subscription to the Assistance package is mandatory in case of a « match » with a Premium family (for certified au pairs).

The Assistance package

You have matched with a assistance family or you want our support after having matched with a Subscription family: Choose the Assistance package to leave with peace of mind !


We’ll be with you from the moment you prepare to leave home until the end of your au pair experience. The assistance package is only paid for when you “match” with a family.

……………………………………………………………………. 345€/month

Payment can be made in 3 instalments.


We accompany you from the preparation to the departure from your home, until the end of your au pair experience. The payment of the assistance package is made only when you « match » with a family.

……………………………………………………………………. 540€

Payment in 3 times possible.

Visa fees are not included.

What is included in the price of the Assistance?

An accompaniment for your expatriation in full confidence:


Advice and availability

In constant exchange with you, we accompany you throughout your experience: from the search to the end of your au pair stay. You will be guided through all the steps of your adventure.

Management of formalities

We help you with the administrative paperwork to prepare. Thanks to our digital platform, the steps are simplified; we pre-fill in the documents necessary for your arrival in the family: contract, declaration to the social security CPAM and insurance.


The Assistance package includes 3 coaching sessions to develop your talents and your au pair experience. You will be coached on several topics such as self-confidence, au pair issues, integration, etc.

A follow-up to live an integration and an unforgettable experience:


Butrfly Community

You will be integrated into our global community of au pairs. A great way to make friends, help each other and build your international network.

Monthly follow-up

Every month, you will receive an in-depth evaluation of your experience by email. Based on the scores and responses, we take action to ensure that your stay goes smoothly.

Mediation and Rematch

If you encounter difficulties, we provide a mediation service between you and your family. If necessary, we will arrange a rematch: you will be placed with another family.

Butrfly host families

On the family side, you know that Butrfly offers you parents who are motivated to host an au pair because they have to pay for any registration. We have two types of host family profiles:


The Premium family ✨

An au pair family that we know!

The Premium family wants Au Pair Butrfly to take care of everything for her. She has subscribed to an all-in-one package.


An au pair family that offers the best conditions.

Followed by our experts, the Premium family is advised on the conditions of reception, and the course of the experience.

An au pair family that matches your criteria.

The Membership family

The Membership family wishes to be independent in the search for their au pair.

It is validated according to regulatory criteria. The Au Pair Butrfly team has not interviewed them.

The family is free to contact you and you are free to contact them.

Testimonials 👇

Read the testimonials of our host families and Au Pairs.

Frederic M
December 15, 2021
Read More
Relevance of matches. We've used Butrfly now for 3 years in a row to find our au pairs, from South Africa, Germany and the USA. Each time, the team was able to find us the rare pearl by listening to our expectations. What a time saver compared to other services! Thank you!!!
February 8, 2022
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Great experience. Butrfly helped us recruit our 1st au pair. We were in an emergency situation and were delighted with the service and support. The profiles selected are really great. I highly recommend Butrfly.
March 3, 2022
Read More
Butrfly was able to understand our expectations and the way our family functioned, so as to offer us the best profile. And the support doesn't stop there, as the team is always available. The principle of videoconferencing between families to discuss our questions is also a real plus!
Laura Dimaiuta
February 3, 2022
Read More
Butrfly saved us! After going through Aupair World and finding the wrong person, Butrfly found us a gem! Highly recommended!
Barbizet Charlotte
March 21, 2022
Read More
Very good experience with Butrfly. We found an Au Pair for next year, and we were very pleasantly assisted in our search.
Florence Rive
March 18, 2023
Read More
We are very happy with our experience. Our au pair is very pleasant, participates in family life and gets on very well with our children. Butterfly manages the introductions efficiently and then follows up on the file.