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Learn about how to become an au pair in the United States with Butrfly. Do you want to live the American dream? Then you have come to the right place!

Why be an Au Pair in United States

As an Au Pair, you will have the opportunity to live with an American family and experience the American dream.

This will allow you to practice and improve your English, while immersing yourself in American culture.

Facts about United States :

Discover USA with Butrfly

Focus on life in United States

The different living areas :​

As well as the cultural aspect, being an Au Pair in the United States also offers study opportunities. Many exchange programmes allow Au Pairs to take language courses or participate in university programmes during their stay. This can be an excellent opportunity to broaden your academic horizons and develop new skills.

About American families :

✓ Americans have a tendency to work a lot and don’t keep track of their hours.
✓ They enjoy spending time outdoors, visiting parks, museums, zoos, cinemas and taking part in sporting and cultural activities.
✓ Different religions may be practiced by them or some families may not be religious.

Lena K
December 18, 2023
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I am very grateful for the support the butrfly team has provided for the search of a perfect host family for me! Great personal connection with the agency and families and always nice communication 🙂
Deborah K
November 12, 2023
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I have a re-match and the company helped me well at every point , things got really challenging and I received all the information and help for the company
Symonne S
October 6, 2023
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Maria is so sweet and extremely helpful! I love her input, the initiative she has taken to make sure we are heard and connecting through group calls, communication and just her general demeanour is so deeply touching Thank you
Leana V
September 29, 2023
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Au Pair Butrfly is an amazing agency! They helped me with the whole process of setting myself up with a beautiful family and always answered all my questions! I wouldn’t have been able to become an au pair without their help
Chaulo V
August 29, 2023
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Thank you so much Butrfly team. i am super proud and thankful for your support. shout out to Maria, jovana and fanny they are very amazing people. i arrived in france safely.
February 23, 2023
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This was my first year being an Au pair, I chose France and it has been such a great experience! being supported by the Buterfly team has really made it a smooth process. I found the support calls super helpful as you realize we are all facing similar challenges and you can learn from how other people are advised on how to handle situations that arise within the family dynamic. I also realized that hard feelings of missing home or feeling overwhelmed by all the changes that happen at once are normal in the transition process and it made me feel more at peace with the decision I had made. I'm normally not a big fan of support groups but it truly helped me have a different and better perspective! Join a call if you can 🙂

Some information to make sure you are all set :​

Before you leave, you have a small list of things to think about. Au Pair Butrfly can help you with all the paperwork!