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Hosting an au pair in Ireland

Do you live in Ireland and would like to host an au pair? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Find out about the requirements for becoming an au pair host family in Ireland.

Criteria for welcoming an Au Pair in Ireland​

Do you have a room available and would like to host an Au Pair?

How can I be eligible?

Are you a family living in Ireland and looking to host an au pair? Find out about the requirements for becoming an au pair host family.

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Family checklist ✅

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Host an Au Pair by becoming a host family with BUTRFLY

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General Conditions

You must have the financial capacity to cover all programme expenses (meals, pocket money, health insurance 🩺 etc.).

💸 Pocket money is a minimum of €9.80 per hour.


The au pair programme is a cultural exchange 🌏. You must help the au pair integrate into your family and your country. The young student is there to learn the language and visit the country. This is why you must speak English at home or at least with the au pair.

The au pair’s room must be at least 9 m² with a window to the outside. The door must have a lock to which the au pair has the key to ensure his or her privacy. In addition, the room must be furnished with at least one bed, a wardrobe, a table, a chair and a shelf. The au pair cannot share a room with your child(ren), only the bathroom. If you do not have an extra room for your au pair, you can provide him/her with accommodation outside your home. This could be an annex, a maid’s room, a caravan, etc. The au pair must be informed of this. 🦋 Advice: We recommend providing a room that is part of the same place where the family lives, in accordance with the values of the programme.


You need to draw up a contract 📄 to define the terms and conditions of your stay (services due, working hours, remuneration, length of stay, etc.). You and your future au pair must sign it. We can draw up the agreement according to the formula you have chosen.

Work and free time

Au pairs are not allowed to work more than 30 hours a week. In general, they work between 25 and 30 hours, including babysitting hours. Au pairs are also entitled to 2 days off per week.

⚠️ Overtime must be agreed before work starts and must be compensated by free time or pocket money.

📅 For holidays, the au pair is entitled to 2 full weeks off with pay for a one-year stay.

You must give your au pair time off so that she has enough time to follow her language courses.

🦋 Advice: We recommend that you discuss the future timetable with your au pair beforehand, so that it can be included in the contract.

On your profile, in your dashboard, you have access to all the tasks that your future au pair will be able to carry out as part of their contract with you. Tick only those you want your au pair to do.

Host an Au Pair by becoming a host family with BUTRFLY

Testimonials 👇

Read what our host families and Au Pairs have to say.

Frederic M
December 15, 2021
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Relevance of matches. We've used Butrfly now for 3 years in a row to find our au pairs, from South Africa, Germany and the USA. Each time, the team was able to find us the rare pearl by listening to our expectations. What a time saver compared to other services! Thank you!!!
February 8, 2022
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Great experience. Butrfly helped us recruit our 1st au pair. We were in an emergency situation and were delighted with the service and support. The profiles selected are really great. I highly recommend Butrfly.
March 3, 2022
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Butrfly was able to understand our expectations and the way our family functioned, so as to offer us the best profile. And the support doesn't stop there, as the team is always available. The principle of videoconferencing between families to discuss our questions is also a real plus!
Laura Dimaiuta
February 3, 2022
Read More
Butrfly saved us! After going through Aupair World and finding the wrong person, Butrfly found us a gem! Highly recommended!
Barbizet Charlotte
March 21, 2022
Read More
Very good experience with Butrfly. We found an Au Pair for next year, and we were very pleasantly assisted in our search.
Florence Rive
March 18, 2023
Read More
We are very happy with our experience. Our au pair is very pleasant, participates in family life and gets on very well with our children. Butterfly manages the introductions efficiently and then follows up on the file.

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