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Become an au pair host family in Luxembourg

The conditions to be a host family in Luxembourg

You are a family living in Luxembourg and you want to host an au pair? Butterfly explains you the conditions you need to meet to become an au pair host family.

The eligibility criteria to host an au pair in France.

In order to prevent abuse, Luxembourg regulates the hosting of au pairs by Luxembourg families. The government clearly defines the rights and duties of host families and young au pairs. This is why we would like to remind you that the Au Pair Programme allows young people to stay for a certain period of time with a foreign family. In return for light family duties, the au pair can improve his or her language skills and general knowledge 🧠 of the host country.

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👇 For more information on the eligibility requirements for France:

General Conditions

Children in the household

Host parents must have at least one child under the age of 13. For children under the age of 6 🍼 proof must be provided that primary childcare is provided for the entire duration of the au pair’s stay.

The cost of an au pair

The host family must be able to cover the expenses associated with your au pair. Throughout the stay, the au pair will be :

● Fed, full board, i.e. three meals 🍕 a day.

● Accommodation and laundry 🧦 (water and electricity).

● Paid 💸 by bank transfer each month.
The amount of pocket money corresponds to 1/5th of the minimum social wage, i.e. around €440.
⚠️ In the event of illness, the au pair is entitled to board, lodging and his or her salary.

💊 The family must register the young au pair with Luxembourg’s statutory social security scheme and pay the contributions.
Registration with the CCSS must be done when the au pair arrives.

📜 The family must also take out civil liability insurance for their au pair valid for the duration of the stay.

🛫 You must cover the cost of repatriation if necessary.

🗣️ Families are also asked to cover the costs of language courses.

You must provide the au pair with a single room. It must be furnished with the minimum required (a bed 🛏️, a wardrobe, a table and a chair) or more if possible. The room must be lockable to allow the au pair some privacy, and there must be a window to let in natural light. The room must be at least 9 m². The au pair must have access to a bathroom 🚿 as well as access to the family home 🔑. ⚠️ No family member is allowed to share the au pair’s room.


Drawing up an agreement between you and the au pair is an obligatory and necessary part of the hosting process (see the section “before hosting the au pair”). The agreement describes the rights and duties of each party (pocket money, working hours, etc.). This must be signed and submitted to the Service National de la Jeunesse (SNJ).

We can help you with all the administrative formalities ➡️ see our subscriptions and packages.

Before welcoming the au pair

To be able to host a young au pair, the host family must have authorisation from the Minister for National Education, Children and Youth. For this reason, parents must send a letter of request and complete an au pair application form to the National Youth Service (SNJ), together with the required documents and supporting evidence. ⚠️ Incomplete applications will be returned.

To find out more about the documents to be completed and the supporting documents to be provided, visit ➡️

Working time and free time

📅 In Luxembourg, the family must be aware that the main purpose of the au pair stay is not to carry out family duties. This is why au pairs must not work more than 25 hours a week or 5 hours a day. Au pairs are entitled to at least 3 evenings off per week, at least 1 day off per week and 2 additional days off per month. As far as paid holidays and public holidays are concerned, it’s up to you to check with your au pair beforehand. This information will be included in the contract.

During their free time, au pairs can visit the country, take part in activities, attend language courses, etc. The au pair is responsible for all costs except language courses.

⚠️ If the au pair has to work overtime (unforeseen circumstances), this must be agreed as far in advance as possible and must be compensated for by additional free time or pocket money.

Duties of the au pair

On your dashboard 🖥️, you can select the tasks that the au pair will have to carry out once he/she is with you. The au pair is there to provide light domestic help for your family (tidying up, ironing, etc.) as well as taking part in family life (emptying the dustbin, filling the dishwasher). However, her main role is to look after children at home.

If the au pair’s work requires him/her to use a car 🚗, you will provide him/her with a vehicle on which he/she will be insured (at your expense 💶).

🦋 Advice: We recommend that you discuss the future timetable with your au pair beforehand, so that it can be included in the contract. We know that our families take driving lessons for their au pairs to get them used to driving abroad, this also helps to reassure the families.

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Testimonials 👇

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Frederic M
December 15, 2021
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Relevance of matches. We've used Butrfly now for 3 years in a row to find our au pairs, from South Africa, Germany and the USA. Each time, the team was able to find us the rare pearl by listening to our expectations. What a time saver compared to other services! Thank you!!!
February 8, 2022
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Great experience. Butrfly helped us recruit our 1st au pair. We were in an emergency situation and were delighted with the service and support. The profiles selected are really great. I highly recommend Butrfly.
March 3, 2022
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Butrfly was able to understand our expectations and the way our family functioned, so as to offer us the best profile. And the support doesn't stop there, as the team is always available. The principle of videoconferencing between families to discuss our questions is also a real plus!
Laura Dimaiuta
February 3, 2022
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Butrfly saved us! After going through Aupair World and finding the wrong person, Butrfly found us a gem! Highly recommended!
Barbizet Charlotte
March 21, 2022
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Very good experience with Butrfly. We found an Au Pair for next year, and we were very pleasantly assisted in our search.
Florence Rive
March 18, 2023
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We are very happy with our experience. Our au pair is very pleasant, participates in family life and gets on very well with our children. Butterfly manages the introductions efficiently and then follows up on the file.

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